Dear Friends,

We began Isaiah 53 Ministry as a way to share our experience with sexual sin and betrayal. We hope to provide encouragement to women who have been wounded and men who are struggling to overcome sexual sin and other addictions.

To the women: If you have found yourself dropped in the middle of the chaos of sexual betrayal, please know we are truly saddened over your pain.  Discovering your husband's secret is beyond devastating, and we are so sorry that your heart is breaking. We know this is a very difficult and confusing time. Kristina has been wounded in the past, but through Jesus Christ she has found healing and has been transformed by the power of His blood. 

To the men: This is a good starting place for your journey of healing. We hope this can be a place to find resources, encouragement and hopefully sexual sobriety, and healing. You cannot do this alone. This is not a one-stop-shop to get you healthy. But many men have no where to turn or are not aware of the devastation and hurt they have caused. Our desire is that this site be an introductory resource for you.

We pray this website not only serves as a resource to help you find healing and renewed joy in the Lord, but also to bring transformation to your marriage, wisdom in parenting, and an urgency to take Christ's message to the brokenhearted. You will find resources and encouragement for your journey toward healing. We look forward to getting to know you and hearing your stories. Perhaps we can encourage each other! If you have questions or would like to speak with us privately, please feel free to use the "contact us" form or email us directly. 

We were married in 2002 and have five beautiful children. Gavin currently serves as the senior pastor of a small church in central Florida. Kristina is a stay-at-home mother and homeschooler. We have been in ministry together for many years, but truly believe our ministry is just beginning. Just like our marriage. We've started over, been completely transformed. And now we will be able to love each other and minister to others with our whole heart, with honesty, and with a better understanding of God's grace.  Together we desire to glorify God with our choices, our marriage, and our parenting. We have been through the Refiner's fire and we are being sanctified daily. We praise God for the transformation HE has made in us both and pray that He will continue to mold us to be more like Him.

Walking in Freedom,

Gavin & Kristina Croft