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Call Me a Fool

Posted by Kristina Croft on Saturday, September 30, 2017
A moment to rant, please.

"I was never in it for the money. No. Playboy isn't a business for me. It has been from the very beginning, a labor of love. And that's pretty easy to say because... because if you don't love all this - ha - then you're a fool." Hugh Hefner, NYTimes

Well, call me a fool.

This morning my husband informed me that Hugh Hefner died earlier this week. My initial reaction was a pit in my stomach and I thought to myself, "GOOD!" Followed by an immediate lump in my throat and an urge to confess to God (and my husband) what I had just thought. I guess I felt conflicted. Is it ok to think that the world is a better place without someone in it? What evil person in the past could I compare him to? He was so well loved by millions that I would end up being the villain for comparing him to some other despicable human being. But try as I must, I could not muster up any feelings of grief over the loss of this man's presence on earth. Needless to say, I had no time to think about it because I had a busy day ahead of me. 

When I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about Mr. Hefner. I listened to a short interview he did with the New York Times and it only made me cringe even more. And I just couldn't get over this quote above. It's the very first thing he says in the interview.  The part that got me most was when he says "if you don't love all this - ha - then you're a fool." If he had only learned before he died how much of a fool he actually was and how many people he fooled in his lifetime.

He fooled over 1,000 women to have sex with him. It has been revealed by several former "Playmates" that they were often offered drugs while staying at the Playboy mansion. It has also been said that sex with Hefner had zero intimacy - no kissing allowed. They often were encouraged to have sex with him in groups while pornography played on large screens and Mr. Hefner would "finish" things off on his own. How foolish he was to believe that he ever had any sort of relationship with any of these women. How foolish they were to think that he ever cared about any of them. 

He fooled a society into thinking a "men's magazine" with "good writing" was an acceptable excuse for the objectification of women in the form of pornography. Ever notice that no one uses the word "pornography" when discussing Playboy? Apparently it's a much more acceptable form of viewing pornography because it's more "sophisticated" than internet porn. 

He fooled 257 celebrities over the years into posing nude for Playboy. Those celebrities ended up getting quite a few more gigs. Wonder why? I don't think it was because of their intelligence or their great acting skills.

He fooled his wives (all of them) into thinking that they are important to him. That he somehow understood how to love them, care for them, be faithful to them. He claims to have never "cheated" while married but he did view lots and lots and LOTS of pornography. Heartbreaking. 

He fooled political leaders into thinking it was cool to come to parties at the Playboy Mansion and have their pictures taken with Playboy Bunnies. That somehow it made them seem more relevant. (And yes, even our current President had quite a goofy smile while surrounded by half naked Playmates during his many visits to the mansion). Mr. Hefner also fooled generations of people that a run-down, outdated old mansion can be disguised by enough naked skin.

He fooled millions of young boys into believing that hiding a Playboy under their matress was some sort of rite of passage and that "boys will be boys." Or that if they found one in their dad's sock drawer, well that was ok too.

He fooled millions of women into believing that there is something glamorous about Playmates and that the sex industry isn't as "icky" as it's made out to be. That if they joined his empire, they'd become great successes. When in reality many of them become depressed, addicted to drugs, and suicidal. 

But he didn't fool GOD.

God is not mocked.

God saw all the darkness in Hugh Hefners heart for what it really was... trash. SIN. Sexual immorality.

It's a shame that someone with so much creativity and charisma could spend a lifetime spitting at the One who created him. 

So call me a fool, Mr. Hefner. If being a fool means I don't love all the things about Playboy then I must be the queen of fools.


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