Jesus came to pardon our sins, but He also came to heal the brokenhearted so we can walk in freedom.  Freedom from pain, guilt, shame, sin, and condemnation. By His wounds we are healed. May God continue to bless us on the path to complete restoration and healing in Him.  

Confessions of a Recovering Addict's Wife: Part 2

Posted by Kristina Croft on Saturday, September 22, 2012

I recently wrote a candid blog confessing a bout of struggles with anger, bitterness, and painful memories. I think it’s good to share the truth; this journey isn’t easy. And even after years of recovery, there can still be hiccups and triggers that cause us to stumble. I got a good response from many of my readers who said they, too, have struggled with similar set-backs. I’m glad that it was encouraging to you. I think it’s important for us to know that we are not alone in our struggles. However, I also think it’s important to share the victories! So with that, here are some confessions of just how good it can be…

My husband is my absolute favorite person on the planet! There are so many things about him that still make my heart go pitter-patter. Here are just a few:

·He makes me laugh! For some reason, possibly extreme exhaustion from our long days, but we end most nights with belly laughs! I love that we can laugh together. We sit together every night and talk, laugh, and snuggle. It’s such a blessing to enjoy spending time together and everyday I look forward to our late night giggles!

·He is a present, loving father. I love how much he loves our kids. He takes time to play with them every day, whether building mini cities of tiny critters with our 5yr old daughter, playing HULK SMASH with our 3yr old son, or playing patty-cake with the babies, he is always involved. He will stop whatever he’s doing to listen to a 5 minute story by our son of why Peter Parker is the black Spiderman but he is not “Venom” because “Venom” is Eddie Brock! Or to look at our daughter’s 16th drawing of the day and be just as impressed with it as he was with the 15th. Or have an impromptu dance-a-thon in the middle of the living room! But it’s not just the playfulness. He also teaches them the Bible and prays with them. He hugs them constantly and tells them he loves them. He is aware of how fragile the hearts of children are and he has made it his mission to help them become the men and women God created them to be.

· He is a servant. He does laundry, sweeps and mops the floor, cooks, and goes grocery shopping! I know! We work together to keep the house clean and do regular chores. He’s so helpful on those stressful days when homeschooling has gone down the tubes, the babies have cried all day, the laundry is piled high, and all I want to do is take a shower! He’s there with his red cape ready to save the day! And if he sees that it’s been an especially hard day, he loads us up and takes us to Chick-Fil-A… not only good food but the kids can play and I get a break hahaha!

· He is humble. He is willing to admit when he’s wrong or apologize if he’s hurt my feelings. This is amazing considering there was a time when he was never wrong and I only “perceived” that he hurt my feelings. But these days, when an argument arises (which is inevitable when you live with someone), he is a lot quicker to humble himself and apologize. I actually could learn a lesson from him in humility and do more apologizing myself!

· He is honest. He doesn’t hide anymore. He talks to me if there’s a struggle and we work through things together. We have open and honest communication with each other and it’s truly a blessing!

· He is forgiving. Let’s face it, he’s not the only one that makes mistakes! I have done my share of causing pain and I still struggle with anger a lot of times. And no matter what I have said or how I’ve said it, he is always there ready to forgive me. His forgiving spirit is refreshing and an inspiration to me.

He’s my best friend and I love him dearly. And I know that it’s because of the power of Christ that changed us – both of us – that we are able to have such a good marriage. Yes, there are still hiccups at times, but when I stop and think about our life together, I feel extremely blessed to be married to this man!!

Walking in Freedom,


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