Jesus came to pardon our sins. But He also came to heal the brokenhearted so we can walk in freedom.  

Freedom from pain, guilt, shame, sin, and condemnation. By His wounds we are healed. 

May God continue to bless us on the path to complete restoration and healing in Him.  

Getting Off my High Horse

Posted by Kristina Croft on Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My husband's pornography addiction used to be like a trump card in my back pocket. If I struggled with my own sin, it was nothing compared to what he had done! If I got angry and screamed at him... well at least I didn't sexually betray him! If I felt hatred in my heart and harbored unforgiveness... well at least I didn't sexually betray him! I had a high horse and I rode it often. My heart was broken and it was easy for me to consider his sin to be so much worse than my own. I mean, pornography pales in comparison to gossip or bitterness, right?!


Although my husband's sins may have had more severe consequences, his sin was just as offensive to GOD as mine. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). And it's easy to forget our own sin in the shadows of the sins of our husband. But the fact of the matter is, our personal holiness is just as important as theirs! The way I use my mouth to spew venom is just as repulsive in the sight of God as when he viewed pornography. Hatred in my heart, outbursts of wrath, bitterness and unforgiveness, these are all things that I struggled with (and still struggle with at times) and God had to convict my heart about the magnitude of my sin. It's MY SIN. Not my husband's. And we are both in desperate need of God's GRACE.

Sometimes we need to get off our high horse and give our husband's a break. I'm not saying to diminish the seriousness of their sexual sin and the consequences in any way. But rather, admitting that we are sinners too and that we are also doing our best to overcome sin in our lives. It's not easy for them to pursue purity. It takes daily diligence. And it's encouraging to know that we, too, must be diligent. Who knows, it may just bring you closer to healing to admit that you BOTH are imperfect.

Walking in Freedom,


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